Dueling Budgets

The Washington Post has a series of graphs which show the difference between Obama’s 2012 budget and the GOP’s. Make sure to click on all the different categories to see all the difference.

What caught my eye is that the majority of the difference is in Healthcare. I don’t agree with what Paul Ryan is proposing to do to Medicare/Medicaid. Essentially what he is doing is shifting the majority of future spending onto the states and the individual rather than fixing a system which is broken.

I don’t see how the two parties can reach an agreement on this year’s budget by Friday, especially as the GOP keep moving the goal posts, and see a Government shutdown as inevitable. Boehner has even said that if the government shuts down it will be a victory for the democrats. I think any deceit reduction debate is a waste of time unless Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Tax increases are all on the table. So far neither party are willing to truthfully be willing to look at all aspects of spending.

Usually I would think that any debate on the budget and deficit reduction would be healthy but what I don’t like about the current GOP strategy is to use favourable polling on deficit reduction to defund programs they are ideological against rather than which programs are actually duplicated or of waste.

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