The Lincoln Lawyer

I just finished the Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. Over the years I have seen Connelly’s name on the best seller lists but when I saw that there was a movie coming out a based on this book I decided to give it a try. The main character is Mickey Haller who a defense lawyer known for ‘working the system’ mostly dealing with small time criminals. The title fo the book comes fromt he fact that he does not have an office and works out of the back of his Lincoln Towncar to stay mobile. His fortunes seem to change when he gets hired by a wealth family in defense of an sexual assault and battery charges but not all is as it seems. It had all the right twists and turns and the last quarter of the book I blew though as I could not wait to see how everything panned out. I will now go back and start to read all of Connelly’s books in the order that they were published as this was published in 2005 and Connelly started writing about Haller’s half brother in 1992.

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