Mitch Daniels

David Brooks has a good opinion piece in the NYT with his reasons why he hopes that Indiana Republican Governor Mitch Daniels runs for president in 2012.

Mitch is a moderate conservative that practices what he preaches. Since 2004, the other states have on average increased their debt levels by 40% while Indiana has decreased debt by 40%.

I also like his vision for the GOP, wanting to move the party from the far right  back to the center. Recently at CPAC he challenged the GOP to expand the party’s reach because ‘purity in martyrdom is for suicide bomber’.

Recently Daniels said that ‘Republicans should declare a truce on social issues until he debt crisis is taken care of.’ This is the type of pragmatist I like who is willing to put the well-being of the country first, trying to solve major issues rather than taking advantage of the situation to promote a politicized agenda.

I also hope he decided to run for President.

(I have previously written about a NYT profile of Mich Daniels)

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