Dune by Frank Herbert

Tor.com recently had a good review of Dune which has made me think about reading it again. Dune is one of the few books I have read multiple times even though I don’t usually like science fiction. What stands out in Dune is due to the depth of the story with an equal dose of political intrigue and action. Frank Herbert was a master of world building and creating very complex characters. In the science fiction (and fantasy) genre the books written are either really good or really bad. It takes a vivid imagination to create a world with different rules, history and laws and stay true to it. Herbert and Tolkien are similar as they were able to both envision such rich universes and transport their readers through their writing directly into them.

I remember, it taking me 100 pages or so to get into Dune the first time I read it but after that I was hooked. It is also interesting to reflect back onto the book in the context of the world today as there are strong ecological and Jihad element that are central to the plot. Herbert wrote a five sequels to Dune which were no nearly as good (though I enjoyed elements of them) and unfortunately died before the series was finished. About 10 years ago his son finished the series and wrote a series fo prequels which were all very weak. If you can get over that Dune is science fiction and give it a chance I highly recommend it.

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