The Guardian and Wikileaks

I am very much against the Wikileaks info dumps. I don’t feel that the information has been incredibly damning or revealed a massively corrupt world andhas  just made people  more fearful of being honest behind closed doors. What is even worse to me is that I feel that Assange is an ego maniac who is doing this to make himself famous and rich rather than having truly noble intentions. His hypocrisy makes me sick and feel he deserves whatever punishment the legal system deals out to him.

Vanity Fair has an article on Wikileak/Assange mostly from the perspective The Guardian newspaper in this month issue. To me it vindicates the view that Assange is not the anarchist anti-hero he makes himself out to be as shown by the following passage:

Enraged that he had lost control, Assange unleashed his threat, arguing that he owned the information and had a financial interest in how and when it was released.

This was in response to The Guardian receiving a second set of the documents from another source who had been given them by a disgruntled former Wikileaks volunteer therby allowing them to potentially publish when they wanted. Surely if Assange just wanted to shame the government and promote global transparency it would not matter where the Guardian got it’s information?

Even worse is Assange’s overall view of the information:

The ideal role of a journalistic outlet, in Assange’s view, is to be a passive conduit for reality, or at least for slivers of reality, with as little intervention as possible—no editing, no contextualizing, no explanations, no thinking, no weighing of one person’s claims against another’s, no regard for consequences.

The last line is what is my main gripe against Wikileaks. The view that consequence be damned is irresponsible. I have no problem with the information being leaked to a credible new source who then editorializes the information making sure that no individuals or national security are compromised. All along the way The Guardian fought to protect the innocent and the only reason there was any attempt to redact informant’s names in the Afghanistan and Iraq dumps was due to them. I applaud The Guardian and will be interested to see how any further info dumps play out from Wikileaks.

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