Vince Flynn

Earlier in the year I discovered author, Vince Flynn, and I have not been able to put down his books ever since. The main character is an off the books CIA agent called Mitch Rapp, who America’s secret weapon against terrorists. [The first book, Term Limits, does not feature Rapp though it does have some of the characters who are regulars in the series.] Rapp will go to extreme measures to accomplish his missions or get answers and a lot the books deal with politicians not being happy about his methods. These books are quick easy reads but I think what I like best about the books are that Flynn manages to keep the stories fresh. Prolific authors tend to stagnate and start to write the same story over and over again. Flynn’s biggest strength is his action sequences. Once the main action starts I usually find it hard to put the books down. The series reminds me of the TV show 24 asking the question, do the means justify the end results? My view on the issue is that as long as you trust who is making the judgement call about the methods then I am don’t have a problem if it is keeping me safer. Unfortunately in the real world it is not as clear cut as in fiction and harder to make the judgement call.

Pursuit of Honour was definitely the weakest book and it did not captivate me as much. As a result I took my time before reading Flynn’s latest release, American Assassin, especially after I found out it was an origin story. After reading 10 books that feature Rapp I felt I had a good understanding of his background and motivation and did not feel his recruitment needed to be fleshed out in details. I found the first half of the book really slow as Rapp was going through his training but once the action started and especially the events in Beirut heated up I again could not put the book down.

The Mitch Rapp Series:

  • Term Limits (Note: Not featuring Rapp)
  • Transfer of Power
  • The Third Option
  • Separation of Power
  • Executive Power
  • Memorial Day
  • Consent to Kill
  • Act of Treason
  • Protect and Defend
  • Extreme Measures
  • Pursuit of Honour
  • American Assassin
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