The Daily Show – DADT

On Monday’s Daily Show Jon Stewart’s guest was Ex Joint Chief of Staff, General Hugh Shelton. At the end of the interview in the segment posted on the web Stewart asked him about Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell (DADT). General Shelton is against repealing the legislation as he thinks it will weaken the cohesion between the units that are fighting on the ground.

Stewart’s response was very eloquent:

I have been astonished at the quality of individuals that risk their lives for us on these daily basis. Does it do a disservice to them to think that something like that would break their bonds of distrust with each other, because it seems like it wouldn’t.

Ultimately, it feels like this will go down in history as an injustice in the way that it was when the armed service were segregated, black and white. Wouldn’t it be the kind of thing that giving the people who are serving now, who are of such high-caliber,  the benefit of the doubt rather than of a hypothetical survey that the truth is they are already serving with men and women that they know are gay and lesbian…..Wouldn’t we rather do what is right and give them the benefit of the doubt rather than do what we fear because of a hypothetical.

I find Jon Steward can very eloquently get across his well thought out point of view and he is respectful to the people he is interviewing even if he does not agree with their views. It is important in life to not only hear your opinions parroted back to you but to also hear the opposing view so you are as well-informed of your own ideas as possible and have considered all angles.

Link to the interview.

(Note: This will only work in the US)

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