David Brooks on Republican Rigidity

NYT columunist David Brooks debated Paul Ryan at an American Enterprise Institute forum this week. The below video highlights his main point which I agree with.

UPDATE: In today’s NYT, David Brooks has an OpEd talking about the above debate as well as what he think Obama should do next. His view is that the Bush tax cuts should be extended for a year as an olive branch to the Republicans and then in his State of the Union announce a proposal to simplify the tax code eliminating a lot of loop holes based on the Wyden-Gregg plan which is currently floating around congress and challenge the Republicans to vote against it.

The main points of the Wyden-Gregg plan are:

  • The number of rates are reduced from 6 to 3
  • Most tax payers would be able to complete their taxes on a one page form
  • Deductions for mortgages and child tax credit would be kept while many others are eliminated
  • The plan would decrease the deficit by $61B a year and create 2.3 million jobs
  • The tax code would be more progressive and reduce the tax bill for families earning under $200K

Unfortunately President Obama does not know how to throw a challenge like this to Republicans and has never managed to find a way to get hold the Republicans accountable for their hindering actions with the public.

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