The Confession

I have always liked John Grisham’s books and they are always an enjoyable read with a few really standing out (The Firm, The Pelican Brief and The Partner). The Confession was enjoyable but did not stand out though I admire Grisham’s ability to find new ideas for original books. This book focuses on the issue of the death penalty and what happens if someone is innocent. Donté Drumm is about to be executed for a crime he did not commit when Travis Boyette confesses to a priest that he was the one who in fact committed the crime. The story unfolds as the priest and Donté’s lawyers race against the clock to stop the execution. What I really liked about this book was that the first half deals with Donté’s execution (or saviour……) and the rest of the book deals with the aftermath. Often books end and you are left wanting more and wondering what happened next. Regardless this book definitely makes you question the death penalty.

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