I am a huge fan of the Kindle. Andrew gave me one for Christmas last year and at first I was sceptical as I never thought I would want to give up the feel of a real book. As it was a gift I thought I would try one book on it to give it a chance and I have never looked back. Now I am even annoyed when I can’t find the book I want to read on the Kindle and have to physical. I love the portability of the Kindle and that it is small enough to fit in my back pocket. The battery also lasts for a week (with the wireless turned off) which is nice as you don’t have to worry about charging it every day. Not only do I read books on the Kindle but I also read my newspapers and magazines. The Kindle also uses a technology called WisperNet which allows you to continue reading right where you left off on other devices you have loaded the Kindle App on. This means that if I am stuck int raffic on the bus I can continue reading my book on my BlackBerry.

One thing about the Kindle which has always bothered me was that there was no way to gift books to another person’s Kindle. The good news is that just in time for the holidays Amazon is now adding a gifting option!

If you are looking for a good present to give someone for the holidays I could not recommend a Kindle more.

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